Continuous research and development to improve quality

Crown Bekery Corp.(Paju)Cake Line and Automation Bakery Line1992.3
Osato Food(JAPAN)Robot type Auto Packing Line1994.7
Kirin Corp.Rice snack Auto-Feeder Line, Dryer,etc.1996.3
Samlip Corp.Gas Tunner Oven etc.1997.10
Samlip Corp.Bread crumbs Dryer Line2001.1
Samlip Corp.Automation Hamburger Line2002.4
Woori Food Corp.(Osan)Automation Hamburger Line2002.5
Junghangwoo CakeCake Depositor and Cake full Line2002.5
LG Ourhome Ltd.(Yongin)Cake full Line and Automation Bakery Line2004.5
Pyeongyang(North Korea)Bakery Line2004.5
Chosun Hotel CheonanCake and Bakery Line2005.4
Samlip Corp.Steam Cake Line and Cheese Cake Line2005.10
Lotte Confectionery Co.,LTD.(Suwon)Dryer and PVC Crate Washing Line2006.11
Artisee Boulangerie(Ansung)Cake and Bakery Line2008.9
BR KOREA CO.LTD(Eumseong)Cake Full Line and etc.2008.11
Daemyeong FoodAutomation Hamburger Line2008.12
Paris Croissant(Wonju)Band Oven2009.7
LG Ourhome(Gyeryong)Automation Bread Line2010.11
Seoul Food Co.,LtdChungju New factory Bakery Line2010.12
CJ Foodville Corp.(Eumseong)Automation Cake and Buns bread Line2011.1
Samlip Corp.Bizeun Ricecake Line2011.4
Samlip Corp.AD-HM Line(Pastry)2012.8
Seoul Food Co.,LtdSnack Line dryer2013.4
Korea Ginseng CorporationSpiral type vacume Steamer and Ginseng dryer2013.11
Samlip Corp.PVC Crate Washing Line2014.4
Korea Ginseng CorporationContinues Steamer and Ginseng Dryer2014.12
Taelim F.Well.Co.,Ltd.Hamburger Line2014.12
Korea Ginseng CorporationRed Ginseng dregs dryer2018.7
COSMAXBIOPouch Sterilization and Packing Line2018.8
Geumchon BakeryCookie and chou Band Oven 2 Lines2018.11, 2019
Paris CroissantSeongnam new factory Sweet Buns Line2019.8
Shany.Co.,Ltd.(Honam factory)Yakgwa Line2020.4
Paris CroissantSeongnam New factory Bread Line2020.4
Paris CroissantCake Gas Tunnel Oven2020.9
SPC SamlipBread line P-BOX Washing Line2020.9
Twosome PlaceGas Tunnel Oven, Mixer, Depositor2020.9
Maeil Dairies Co.LtdSquate shape Cake Sand Cutting Line2020.9
BR KOREA CO.LTDDunkin Donuts Automation Line2020.10
Seoul Food Co.,LtdCake Sheet Cookie&Chou Band Oven Packing Line2020.12